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1/5.0Published 19-04-2021

"We arrived to ha giang for the loop and booke..."

We arrived to ha giang for the loop and booked the tour the hostel offered us for four days. We decided to book a sleeping bus to Sapa (8 pm) in advance, before the tour starts. The tour by itself was amazing and the guides were unbelievably kind and helpful and made the loop memorable. When we returned to the hostel the sleeping bus was late by half an hour, and when it arrived we were informed that there are no beds for us and we’ll have to sleep on the floor because it was over booked. We tried to ask help from the staff but some of them avoided us and our ask for help while the bus was still waiting. At one point the hostel manager named Erik shouted on my friend for trying to seek for answers. Finally we got two beds and started to drive. My friend wrote a review on the hostel and the incident, and apparently the hostel manager read it and called to driver and handed me the phone. On the phone he threatened him that if he won’t delete the review they will kick us out of the bus. When we picked more tourists on the way they actually slept on the ground. Don’t book from them - it felt like being dealt with the mafia!

5/5.0Published 17-04-2021

"very enthousiastic owner and great shower..."

very enthousiastic owner and great shower

4/5.0Published 17-04-2021

"Jasmine hostel was a great place to start the..."

Jasmine hostel was a great place to start the ha Giang loop. The staff were great. They gave us a bed when we arrived at 2 in the morning from a sleeper bus the day before the loop. The only reason I’m not giving 5 stars is due to the safety of the motorbikes provided. Although we got through the loop there were multiple instances where the breaks were not working on a few of the bikes which is not safe when doing the ha Giang loop. However the staff helped fix the motor bike issues- but I felt that the breaks not working shouldn’t have been a common issue.

5/5.0Published 17-04-2021

"Great hostel. Stayed here before and after do..."

Great hostel. Stayed here before and after doing the Ha Giang loop. You can rent good scooters to do the loop. They give you a route map and good advice to ride the scooters. Also The breakfast which is included is great. But the best is the dinner, all fresh and homemade by the hosts. Loved it, would recommend this hostel to everyone who is planning to do the loop.

5/5.0Published 19-03-2021

"Vui quá, 2 anh chị chủ rất dễ thương, vui vẻ,..."

Vui quá, 2 anh chị chủ rất dễ thương, vui vẻ, nhiệt tình, mình đã có 1 tuor trải nghiệm hà giang không thể quên. Mình sẽ quay lại. Mình đề xuất các bạn nên ghé. Ở đây có cho thuê xe máy và phòng. Rất thích hợp đi theo nhóm đông.

5/5.0Published 19-03-2021

"Tuyệt vời, Mình đề suất mọi người nên ghé. Bạ..."

Tuyệt vời, Mình đề suất mọi người nên ghé. Bạn chủ rất nhiệt tình, vui vẻ. Có cho thuê xe và phòng sạch sẽ. Tuor hà giang thật đẹp và vui vẻ, nhất định ghé lần sau.

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Jasmine Hostel

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  • Đ. Quốc lộ 2, Phương Thiện, Hà Giang, 310000, Vietnam
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