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Linh Bar & Coffee

5/5.0 - based on 9 reviews
5/5.0Published 29-04-2021



5/5.0Published 29-04-2021

"Best place in town warm karaoke and the barte..."

Best place in town warm karaoke and the bartenders are proper singers, locals speciality and hospitality will always come back

5/5.0Published 29-04-2021

"Best reggae bar in all areas..."

Best reggae bar in all areas

5/5.0Published 29-04-2021

"(Translated by Google) Great service, great f..."

(Translated by Google) Great service, great food and drink, very reasonable price. On occasion I will return because the hotel is in the center of the Old Quarter, comfortable and convenient for visiting Old Town at night. (Original) Cách phục vụ chuyên nghiệp, đồ ăn và uống rất tuyệt, giá cả rất hợp lý. Có dịp mình sẽ quay lại vì khách sạn ngay khu Trung tâm Phố Cổ thoải mái, tiện lợi cho việc đi tham quan Phố Cổ về đêm.

5/5.0Published 29-04-2021

"(Translated by Google) Enthusiastic and prest..."

(Translated by Google) Enthusiastic and prestigious service (Original) Phục vụ nhiệt tình và có uy tín

5/5.0Published 29-04-2021

"(Translated by Google) Delicious but cheap dr..."

(Translated by Google) Delicious but cheap drinks in a cool, clean restaurant, especially looking luxurious, friendly service, funny, is a place worth visiting (Original) Đồ uống ngon mà lại rẻ trong quán thoáng mát sạch sẽ,đặc biệt nhìn sang trọng,phục vụ thân thiện,vui tính,là nơi đáng để mọi người đến

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Linh Bar & Coffee

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  • H, 21 Phố Cổ, Đồng Văn, Hà Giang, Vietnam
  • 098 806 48 00
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