Bún Đậu Mét Mốt

Bún Đậu Mét Mốt

4.5/5.0 - based on 13 reviews
4/5.0Published 20-04-2021

"Cũng dc..."

Cũng dc

5/5.0Published 20-04-2021

"Đồ ăn ngon..."

Đồ ăn ngon

2/5.0Published 20-04-2021

"We came in full of hope it looked good in the..."

We came in full of hope it looked good in the photos & the reviews. 1)The dish was very small and was missing the pork (the best bit). We asked about it and he agreed to compensate us with some more chicken... And he did... Only to charge us for it in the end... 2)We also ordered some fried chicken. (we got 1 drum stick for 30k? 3) we also ordered some ice tea: tasted like a bottle of lipton ice tea (super sweet) and served it in plastic cups. The owner did apologise and said they just refurbished and that they were missing things... But that was quite disappointing. (photo not mine... But looks like this) Was clean, good English. Will not go again. Its not about the money, it was just not what we wanted and not what we paid for.

4/5.0Published 20-04-2021

"Very nice lunch stop on our motorbike ride..."

Very nice lunch stop on our motorbike ride

5/5.0Published 15-04-2021

"Vì e phục vụ quá nhiệt tình..."

Vì e phục vụ quá nhiệt tình

5/5.0Published 19-07-2020

"(Translated by Google) Delicious food (Origi..."

(Translated by Google) Delicious food (Original) Đồ ăn ngon

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Bún Đậu Mét Mốt

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  • Đường Trần Hưng Đạo, TT. Yên Minh, Yên Minh, Hà Giang 310000, Vietnam
  • 0376 076 411
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