About Ha Giang Review

Ha Giang Review helps grow your business using customer reviews

Passion Drive Us

I've been in the travel industry for many years, so I understand the importance of customer reviews for businesses. So I started Ha Giang Review to give customers a strong voice and a way for all businesses to listen to their customers, respond and continually improve.

Alex (Founder and CEO)

What we do

We bring consumers and companies together to continuously share, collaborate, and improve. The power of our platform comes from being open to all consumers and companies, independent of both, and transparent.

We bring people and business together to make things better

Our Values

The value we bring to consumers and businesses

Helping consumers and businesses have a way of communicating to enhance consumer experience and business development opportunities for businesses

Shoppers are able to grasp the status of the business that offers products. Retailers have a useful tool for understanding shopper trends.

Consumer reviews help promote the quality of products and services for businesses, making e-commerce more diverse.

Give consumers a place to rate services or products every day when shopping for a new product or using a service.

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