Mama's Homestay &Amp; Foods

Mama's Homestay &Amp; Foods

4.6/5.0 - based on 16 reviews
2/5.0Published 19-04-2021

"2 cơ sở,,,nhẽ ra nên ghi rõ cơ sở 1 và 2 ch..."

2 cơ sở,,,nhẽ ra nên ghi rõ cơ sở 1 và 2 cho dễ phân biệt

5/5.0Published 17-04-2021

"Great place! Many dutch people come here as t..."

Great place! Many dutch people come here as there is a dutch volunteer, Tim, doing a lot of online advertising. Our first contact with the hostel (Dung Vu is the name of the manager) was to arrange a replacement bus from Sa Pa to Ha Giang because we heard our bus due at 10amwas cancelled. So at 7:15am, she still managed to get us a limousine bus at 8am instead of having had to wait for the nightbus. First class service! When we arrived we could try our the semi-automatic motorbike for free. We were originally a bit skeptic about doing the tour but honestly it's great! If you have driven a scooter / motorbike before, even an automatic one, if you keep your head cool it's really easy. There are multiple tour packafes available, from just renting a motorbike and insurance to getting an easyRider to sit on the back of the motorbike to having a full meal/gasoline/homestay package. Being an experienced scooter driver, my girlfriend and I took 1 scooter (me driving, girlfriend on the back). We had space for 2 daypacks on the back of the scooter. The dormroom upstairs was noisy, but aren't they all. People also didn't tend to go to sleep early as it was very cozy outside with 'happy water' (rice wine) going around. There are hooks on the ceiling to hang a klambou but you need to be tall / do it with 2 persons. Bathroom. and showers were good. Breakfast was a sort of fried bread with cucumber, tomato and egg. They served family dinner for 80k pp. Laundry service 40k/kg. Motorbike rental is via a specific website (google docs) that serves as a rental agreement contract. We had some issue with our motorbike on the first evening and when we sent a message to Dung, she immediately called with the homestay owner to have it fixed! Overall a great service and great experience. I don't usually give 5 stars but here it's deserved. Did I mention they can book nightbuses to Cat Ba?!

5/5.0Published 17-04-2021

"tuyệt vời..."

tuyệt vời

3/5.0Published 17-04-2021

"Xe mới..."

Xe mới

5/5.0Published 17-11-2020

"Oi troy oi, i never gave this place the 5 sta..."

Oi troy oi, i never gave this place the 5 stars it deserves. Our stay was truly magical and the best place to start your Ha Giang loop adventure. Say hi to Zoom and listen when she tells you something, she's awesome! Hope to go back there some day.

3/5.0Published 17-10-2020

"Cũng tạm được..."

Cũng tạm được

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Mama's Homestay &Amp; Foods

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  • Tổ 1, Thôn Cầu Mè, Phương Thiện, Hà Giang, 310000, Vietnam
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