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Garden Villa Hà Giang

4.8/5.0 - based on 16 reviews
5/5.0Published 17-04-2021

"2 night 3 day tour with Garden Villa was very..."

2 night 3 day tour with Garden Villa was very nice. Safe and fun guides, great trip! Attaching a photos of their cafe area where the groups get together.

5/5.0Published 17-04-2021

"I had to leave the bus at 3am and had no plac..."

I had to leave the bus at 3am and had no place to stay. Tam waited in front of the bus and invited the stranded ones to his hostel. I just dropped in and it was perfect. Clean, nice beds, hot shower. I slept for free and rented my bike there. The pricing is fair. They managed everything perfectly, no troubles with the bike or on the road. Highly recommended! Tam and the team are very helpful and give a crash course to semi automatic newbies.

5/5.0Published 17-04-2021

"Great hostel with great view, recommended esp..."

Great hostel with great view, recommended especially before going to the loop (also possible from the hostel).

5/5.0Published 17-04-2021

"Good stay good tour, I arrived early the peop..."

Good stay good tour, I arrived early the people I was to meet no show, the guy from vills said can come rest his place wait for ( friends became no show) so they got me booked on a 3d/2n tour 2200k everything included & support car as 2 others were not doing bike, first day very good dinner bit light at first stop but very nice hotel, next to China boarder to second night stay better food rest of the trip, nice dorm at second night, third night back by Garden Villa he arranged my bus back to Hanoi 200k. Only thing doing trip with others that were more into the ride than photos made for me not enough photos stops, that I would insist on as so many beautiful spots ..! Also went with tour for safety alone not so good if accident witch one of our group had also if no international driver license, some times the police stop is there the fine is 1000k I did not have mine with so as tour everything is there responsibly..! Made things very easy

5/5.0Published 17-04-2021

"Amazing trip in the mountains with very good ..."

Amazing trip in the mountains with very good motor bikes. Nothing problem in 400km. The staff is very nice and helpful. I’m really happy to be came here.

5/5.0Published 17-04-2021

"Great experience with them! We arrived late w..."

Great experience with them! We arrived late with the bus and they picked us up at the bus station (very close to the hostel). They offers us the free night (as we arrive very late) and we rent the motorbikes with them. The service was great. We did the loop for few days and we keep in touch with the owner of the hostel. We were asking him about him and he replied very quickly. The motorbikes worked very good and you can borrow helmet, ropes, gloves... All the staff was very nice and friendly.

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Garden Villa Hà Giang

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  • 10 Nguyễn Trãi, P. Minh Khai, Hà Giang, 310000, Vietnam
  • 0852 269 988
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