Huy Anh Hotel

Huy Anh Hotel

3.9/5.0 - based on 8 reviews
4/5.0Published 19-04-2021

"(Translated by Google) Delicious drinks, affo..."

(Translated by Google) Delicious drinks, affordable prices that the view is luxurious (Original) Đồ uống ngon, giá bình dân mà chỗ view lại sang trọng

5/5.0Published 19-04-2021

"(Translated by Google) Nice cheap room (Orig..."

(Translated by Google) Nice cheap room (Original) Phòng đẹp giá rẻ

3/5.0Published 19-04-2021

"(Translated by Google) Pretty well (Original..."

(Translated by Google) Pretty well (Original) Cũng khá

5/5.0Published 19-04-2021


1/5.0Published 17-03-2021


4/5.0Published 17-03-2021

"rất tốt, tôi hài lòng với cách phục vụ của ks..."

rất tốt, tôi hài lòng với cách phục vụ của ks

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Huy Anh Hotel

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  • TT. Việt Quang, Bắc Quang District, Ha Giang, Vietnam
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