Little Yen's Homestay

Little Yen's Homestay

4.6/5.0 - based on 17 reviews
5/5.0Published 19-04-2021

"Great location: off the main road, so no stre..."

Great location: off the main road, so no street noise or exhaust - but still easy to get to and near the market. Fantastic (all vegetarian) dinner: multiple dishes served + hotpot - maybe the best one I had on the Loop. The private room was spotless clean. The bed was huge and comfortable with good pillows. Clean, spacious bathroom and HOT shower. A towel is provided, but bring your own toiletries. Bikes are parked indoors for the night.

5/5.0Published 19-04-2021

"Đã nghỉ chân tại homestay ong vàng độc và lạ ..."

Đã nghỉ chân tại homestay ong vàng độc và lạ con người nơi đây rất thật thà và gần gũi rất yêu nơi này....

1/5.0Published 19-04-2021

"Giá dịch vụ đắt..."

Giá dịch vụ đắt

5/5.0Published 17-04-2021

"This place offers everything that is importan..."

This place offers everything that is important to me: super clean, very social, nutritious delicious food, good coffee, friendly helpful staff, a guitar, areas to meet the other travelers, and an overall great vibe! They even let me volunteer as a helper to the English teacher at the local school Yen supports. What a meaningful experience - so fun too! Private rooms + dorm available: restaurant serving a very social, fun family-style meal, healthy breakfast. They will help coordinate motorbikes, busses, tours, and treks. Good location. It's a gem I fee so lucky to have found. [Please "like" if you find this review helpful]

5/5.0Published 17-04-2021

"My motorcycle was all packed up, I was dresse..."

My motorcycle was all packed up, I was dressed and ready to leave- and then I had one more conversation with Yen- and decided I was didnt want to leave! She is so sweet, fun, and she cares about her community and her business. Ask her about her education programs! I was lucky enough to have a few meals with her family as well. The room was perfect for me- I had the upstairs balcony with the open air bedroom. Yes - it can be a tad loud in this room - but It didn’t bother me a bit. I loved the sounds of the village, the animals, and the rain. This was easily my favorite place on the loop and I stayed at several wonderful homestays. Hi Yen!!

5/5.0Published 17-04-2021

"Cozy little homestay, quiet, clean... I enjoy..."

Cozy little homestay, quiet, clean... I enjoyed my stay here, and the lady owner is very nice and helpful. I would come back for sure!!!

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Little Yen's Homestay

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  • Pả Vi, Mèo Vạc District, Ha Giang, Vietnam
  • 094 109 33 21
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