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1/5.0Published 14-11-2022

"It was terrible and dirty and unorganized. We booked two months "

It was terrible and dirty and unorganized. We booked two months in advance and when we got there it took them forever to tell us that the room we had booked wasn't available, put us in another one, dirty, with no functional water. They didn't have the bike we had booked either and they gave us another one (manual) that run out of battery in the middle of nowhere and we had to jump start it and was also leaking oil.. I wish we had booked with bongo instead.

5/5.0Published 25-04-2022

"We had a fantastic experience with QT Motorbi..."

We had a fantastic experience with QT Motorbikes and Tours! Booking was a breeze and Jorgen gave swift replies to emails as well as providing a lot of important information on how to get to Ha Giang and everything to expect in between. With the current covid situation I think we were lucky to get to spend sometime with QT, Jorgen and the team for a day up in the mountains where they have begun working on their own homestay/resort which will definitely be a must see when it's complete! As for the bikes themselves, we were given bikes to try out and test for a day. QT even took us on some wild roads up the mountains which was great as he got us comfortable on the bikes. This ultimately set us up for the rest of the trip as nothing we faced came close to as challenging as our first day with QT which was loads of fun! Our bikes ran smoothly and gave us zero issues. At the end of the trip I didn't want to part with my XR150. After travelling throughout South East Asia and Indonesia these were the best bikes I had ever rented. Definitely worth the extra cost for a superior rental. Besides, you're going to save heavily on accommodation and food on this trip. We ended up finishing a day earlier and without even asking we were refunded immediately for the extra day we did not use the bikes.

5/5.0Published 25-04-2022

"I can totally recommend renting a motorbike a..."

I can totally recommend renting a motorbike at QT! He is extremely friendly and gives you the best tips for the Ha Giang loop. He learned me how to drive a fully manual motorbike within 20 minutes despite having absolutely zero experience. After that he made the perfect schedule for the loop so we would have the best experience. Even while doing the loop when we had questions he was reachable by phone all the time and was really helpful. When we got back at his place after 4 days, he was really generous with offering food and a ride to our next busstop. I totally recommend his place.

5/5.0Published 25-04-2022

"Ha Giang loop is a must do when you visit Vie..."

Ha Giang loop is a must do when you visit Vietnam. Even though my friend and I didn't come at the best time which was the coldest and cloudy season of the year, we still really enjoyed this whole experience. We took a night bus from Hanoi that arrived at the early morning, yet QT offered free dorm room and warm water to take a quick shower. The first day of the loop was raining and freezing; however, our tour guide, Sham ( Chai ), was experienced enough and decided to change the route. Indeed, the weather was not that bad after it. Sham has great personality, he's a considerate and friendly guy. He bought new gloves for us when he saw our own one were soaked in the rain. He really helped us out, and without him, our journey wouldn't be this unforgettable. If you wanna do Ha Giang loop, I recommend QT as the first choice. For my opinion the route is not that easy and safe that a tour guide is necessary. I would like to do this loop again next time when the weather is not that frozen, and I will still pick QT.

5/5.0Published 25-04-2022

"Warm and helpful service, the bike was smooth..."

Warm and helpful service, the bike was smooth and in good condition. QT knows the area very well and gave us a great idea of where to go and what to see. We had a fantastic trip, strongly recommend!

5/5.0Published 11-04-2022

"We used QT Motorbikes for a 10-day loop aroun..."

We used QT Motorbikes for a 10-day loop around Hà Giang. QT was very helpful with planning the trip, explaining which roads to use and as support by telephone during the trip. After we got back from the loop, we stayed at QT's guesthouse and enjoyed some "happy water" with QT and some other locals - everyone was very friendly and welcoming. We had an amazing time and would definitely recommend QT Motorbikes and Tours to a friend!

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